Network Rail E-learning

How information about you will be used

This privacy policy relates to personal data processed by Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd (data controller) via the Network Rail E-learning site.

We will collect the following personal data for individual users:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Employee Number (collected for Network Rail employees only)
  • Sentinel Number
  • Company
  • Location
  • Role within the site/system
  • eLearning training courses (including enrolment, completion status, test scores)
  • User activity (details of first access and most recent access)
  • Role in Training Centre (e.g. Training Manager)
  • Training events and types of events which the user has permission to access

Personal data is used to manage and maintain user registration, permissions, access to the system and view and report on training status and completion.

Reports can be used by external companies (referred to as ‘sponsors’) to confirm individual participants, the completion status of courses and overall statistics.

Course data for individuals may be shared with the National Skills Academy for Rail, to assist with their investigations of individuals and companies using the system, in order to ensure compliance.

What categories of individuals or organisations will personal information be disclosed to?

External companies (referred to as ‘sponsors’) can access the site, upload and maintain learners’ records for their own employees, in order for those individuals to access online training and undertake assessments.

Network Rail and external training centres can access particular courses on the site in order for the assessment invigilators (referred to as ‘training managers’) to check completion/results and mark attendance of some courses. In such cases training managers can view learners from other sponsors to allow them to train, log attendance or assess them. External training centres can also add users and maintain those users’ records.

Network Rail controls the authorisation of sponsors and training managers to use the system.

Administrators within Network Rail who use the system can access and update user details as required.

Designated employees within Network Rail have sponsor and training manager privileges in order to administer and report on relevant courses or individual users.

Leo Learning Ltd provide technical and user support for the system and have access to the system and personal data as an administrator.

Individual users have the ability to update the personal data in their own profile. Personal data can also be updated by the individual organisations which manage their employees’ details.

Personal data will not be transferred outside the European Economic Area and will not be shared with any third parties except Atlassian.

If you need any further information, please contact: